We are more than a service mechanic company. Our technical expertise in measuring and analyzing vibration and fan system performance allows us to identify and diagnose difficult problems.

– What is it?
Regularly scheduled machine condition monitoring aimed at early detection and correction of machinery defects prior to failure.

– Why Predictive Maintenance?
Predictive Maintenance is the most cost effective method of maintaining critical machinery. By identifying machinery defects early, costly and potentially catastrophic failures can be avoided. Whereas Preventive Maintenance can also be utilized to minimize the risks of machinery down-time. With Predictive Maintenance, corrective action is recommended only when necessary. Predictive Maintenance combines the old adages: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

– How is it done?
Vibration Analysis is the primary tool in predicting machinery problems before they lead to failures. Trend Analysis compares the latest parameters to historical and baseline data that was established with the equipment in good running order. Frequency Analysis defines and looks for known fault frequencies such as bearing fundamental frequencies and motor rotor bar pass frequencies. Phase Analysis compares how one part of a machine is vibrating in relation to another. Temperature trending, and of course, the observations of an experienced and knowledgeable Technician are also used.

– What is it?
The investigation of motion of a rotating or reciprocating system. Frequency is often defined in terms of CPM (cycles per minute), or Hertz (cycles per second). Amplitude is often defined in terms of peak velocity measured in inches per second. Both frequency and amplitude are typically presented as a vibration spectrum plot.

– Why examine vibration?
Examination of vibration can provide a suprising amount of information about the system in motion, and is the single most valuable tool in machinery condition assessment. Examination of frequency is used to identify vibration sources. Amplitude is used to assess severity of vibration. Establishing “why and how much” a machine is vibrating will help determine the health of the machine, the need for corrective action, and the course of action most likely to improve the running conditon of the machine.

– What is it?
The measurement of fan-system performance. A measure of flow rate and pressure at a stated density and fan speed. Flow is typically stated as cfm (cubic feet per minute), pressure as in. wg (inches water gauge).

– Why test a fan-system?
No two fan-systems are alike. Fan performance ratings are developed from laboratory tests. However, add the duct work, elbows, transitions, filters, dampers, etc., and the system becomes unique. On-site testing is required to assure that the system performance meets the design specifications. Performance results are used as the basis for modifications or adjustments to the system.

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