Our well equipped repair shop includes: IRD soft-bearing Balancing Machine (5000# capacity), Schenck hard-bearing Balancing Machine (1500# capacity), Manual & Hydraulic Presses, Welders, Run-Test Floor, 120/210/480/600 Volt Power Supply, Paint Booth, Loading Dock, Lift Trucks, Overhead & Boom Cranes.

  • Receiving & Inspection, Cleaning, LPI, MPI, Runout, Complete Assessment
  • Repair/Rebuild/Replace Wheels, Shafts, Housings, Viv’s, Complete Fans, Coils
  • Balancing Static, Dynamic, Single & Multi-plane, Precision G2.5 Grade
  • Design and Fabrication of Channel bases, Guards, Flex connections, Transition pieces, Complete fans
  • Belt Drive Selection of Ultra-V, Fixed, Adjustable pitch, Supply & install
  • Isolator Spring Selection
  • Accessories Mounting
  • Painting
  • Run Testing

Cleaning, LPI, MPI, Runout check, Complete Assessment and Report with recommendations.

Wheels, Shafts, Housings, Variable Inlet Vanes, Complete Fans, Coils.

Static, Dynamic, Single and Multi-plane, Precision G2.5 Grade

Channel Bases, Isolation Bases, Guards, Flex Connections, Transition Pieces, Complete Fans