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We are more than a vibration company.  We have the experience and tools to not only diagnose machinery problems, but to fix them - on site and quickly.  With our extensive background in the fan manufacturing industry, you benefit from our expertise.  Our portable field instruments include: CSI 2130 Machinery Analyzer/Data Collector/Balancers, Schenck Vibrotest 60 Vibration Analyzer/Balancer, Commtest vb7 Analyzer/Balancer, CSI Ultraspec 8000 Laser Alignment System, Fixtur Laser DU20 System, Shortridge Airdata Electronic Micromanometer.

- 24 Hour Emergency Service

 - Dynamic Balancing
          Single and Multi-Plane Dynamic, in-place Balancing

 - Alignments
          Using Laser Technology

 - Start-ups, Inspections
          To OEM Specifications
           Rotor Condition Assessment
           Wear Pattern Evaluation
           Comprehensive Machine Condition Reporting

 - Parts Change-outs
          Shafts, Bearings, Complete Rotating Assemblies, Couplings, Drives, Supply and/or Install

 - Heating / Cooling Coil Repairs

 - National & International Rates